White House Vs. Anti-Vaxxers | A Battle to Provide the US with the Right Information

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The White House is looking to shift its head-on strategy with Covid-19 and take on the fear-mongering as they see it. All in an effort to boost the country’s vaccine numbers as they unleash their door-to-door plan.

The Biden administration is taking on a vaccine campaign that is not only looking to tackle the numbers that are needed to reach herd immunity levels but also has to persuade many more Americans that it is safe. Biden along with Dr. Anthony Fauci, have spoken out against what is seen as extreme and dangerous misinformation with had made the whole war on the pandemic a public health headache.

The real war, it would seem, is more on the misinformation and the scare tactics than the virus itself. The process of getting the country healed is not helped by the fact that the White House wants a door-to-door plan to increase the vaccination rate. An approach that Republican lawmakers oppose, given that the vaccine is not a mandatory requirement, believes that Biden is scaring and forcing the American public into taking the vaccine.

This Biden plan will also include the monitoring of social media platforms and conservative news shows that will look to help promote the positive views of vaccines.

In a recent interview, Dr. Fauci said of the plan that “There is some construed idea that has been whipped up by Fox News that Federal Marshalls are going to be knocking at your door, demanding you do something you do not want to do. This is absolutely not the case, and it is all local community messengers that are taking on the task to inform the people they know about the choices they have, there will be no government officials on the street. This is what the plan has always been.”

Forming the Battle Lines

What concerns Fauci most is the fact that 99% of the current deaths happening in America today are amongst those that have not received their first or second shot of the vaccine. This, as he puts it, “is a glaring fact that hits you right between the eyes.”

Now despite the figures being released by the Biden administration, the Republican view has likened this approach as to that which is something the Nazis would do. A comment made was by Republican Rep Marjorie Taylor Green of Georgia.

Biden is having to build an army of allies with this one. The Democratic National Committee are looking to engage with SMS carries that will dispel the misinformation surrounding the vaccines which is sent across social media and amongst text messages. The goal is simple, get to people that cannot access transport and have difficulties getting to vaccine centres.

The Political Chess Move

The politics involved in all this is less a pawn in a chess game but more the queen. It must both be removed and protected. The democrats have to try and get as many Americans vaccinated as possible to save lives and to help local communities. Their challenge is in seeing misinformation deliberately spread to disrupt efforts.

Stories of alternative therapeutics have led many Americans to ask why they are not being studied more. Then there are the minor cases where side effects have been found, with the FDA recently announcing the Johnson one-shot vaccine can, in very rare cases cause Guillain-Barre Syndrome which is a nerve disorder that can leave a patient paralyzed.                               

Now, this is a fact the FDA has added to the list of other side-effects and this is why many want the freedom of choice in these times of vaccination.

The Biden approach hasn’t been helped either by the leaked Fauci emails that called into question the funding of the Wuhan Labs and the Gain of Function research led by Fauci at the time, which funded the Wuhan project to make variants of SARS Covid deadlier and infectious.       

What has become clear is that there are either too many answers from both sides of the vaccine debate or that people are simply not getting the right answers at all.

The political war is somewhat muddying the waters of something the American people and the rest of the world want gone. But all of this is seemingly being dragged out because the White House cannot tell America what it knows because what it knows will always be a case of National Security.

When Liberty is Lost

The Covid response director Jeff Zients has an uphill battle admitting politics needed to be left out of any debate on this. The case for this is that 10-state won by Trump in the election have the lowest number of vaccines administered. The Republicans have made this a thing about the loss of liberty and have backing from a support group called Turning Point USA that are starting a petition that says No to Medical Raids in America.

Jeff Zients was commented on this, stating that “Organizations are deliberately feeding the people with misinformation and discrediting the science behind the vaccines. These organizations are doing America a disservice that has an impact on the county, doctors, faith leaders, community leaders and many others who are working to help cure people and get them vaccinated in order to save lives. Liberty is only lost when the pandemic continues to be riff and we have the solution to end it.”